has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!!

Dr. Colbert enlightening America yet again

Shirtless Hunks Bagging Groceries is a website that was proposed by our Glorious Stephen T. Colbert D.F.A. on July 16th, 2007. The specific domain that Dr. Colbert said the website would have is


Dr. Colbert stated in the July 16th, 2007 edition of the Colbert Report that the website would be a website that gay men view when while making our housing prices rise by moving into our neighbourhoods "just before we sold our houses." Colbert then paused five seconds and said that the site should have been created by then.

Development of the WebsiteEdit

Currently the Colbert Nation has been slacking off. Dr. Colbert's dream of has yet to be realized.

In the mean time, please enjoy Super Models With See Through

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