Shirley Sherrod
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Shirley Sherrod the FULL video43:15

Shirley Sherrod the FULL video

Shirley Sherrod Speech with Libural Filthers
(sounds non-racist, right?)

Shirley Sherrod is a racist lady who refuses to help Americans, specially farmers. But thanks to Fox News and Andrew Breitbart they used their Real American Gotcha Journalism to stop this racist forever, just the same way they used their Real American powers to stop ACORN.

Dumb ClucksEdit

Conservatives always knew the liberal media were a bunch of chicken littles. Thanks to the tough journalism of the conservative press, the truth is now know not only about Sherrod's racism, but also the sissy girl media.

Facts LiesEdit

Shirley sherrod reveals her past racism (with commentary after seeing whole uncut video)02:36

Shirley sherrod reveals her past racism (with commentary after seeing whole uncut video)

Shirley Sherrod Speech Now With Truthi Filthers
(See! Racist!)
  • Her father was killed by a white farmer. Not true, he was raptured to meet white Jesus

More Racist LiesEdit

We have uncovered new evidence that Shirley Sherrod has been keeping more lies than we can keep up with. For example she lied that her relative (probably one of her mooslim uncles) was lynched. Not so! the man was merely handcuffed and then beaten to death by a sheriff and two deputies on the courthouse steps!

That's not lynching! That's just the police way of keeping the angry black man in control since he was resisting arrest and was a threat to the officers (at the time tasers were not invented yet, and the police swears to us that he was going to break the handcuffs with his mooslim superpowers).

According with Wikipedia lynching is done with a rope, not handcuffs, and sometimes they will set you on fire. So technically this was not lynching but an act of self defense!

Next time you wanna cry racism Mrs. Sherrod, make sure that the act is actually racist!

Racist Liar Wont Stop!Edit

Shirley Sherrod just wont stop her racist crusade or her grandiose lies about America's racism. First, racism is over! Second, no one likes a liar! But it wont stop there, this racist lady has the balls to sue our American Hero for slander! Shame on you!

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