Hello, Kitty
Hello, Shinzo Abe
Asian and very good at math.

Shinzo Abe was briefly the Prime Minister of Japan before he cut and ran from his failed policies of aggressive nationalism. Abe was replaced by Yasuo Fukuda who is like 3 times his age, but (hopefully) no where near as much of a fuck up.

North KoreaEdit

His goal of forming a Grand Army of Anime charaters and invading North Korea caused mass unrest in Japan, and the threat of Godzilla finding out about Japan's lack of homeland defence and rampaging once more through the streets of Tokyo gave Shinzo chronic stomach cramps. Either that or Kim Jong Il spiked his sachi with anthrax.

Honest AbeEdit

On September 24th 2007 Abe publicly apologized for cutting and running, and admitted that the timing of his resignation was poor. He also acknowledged that he was not strong enough to continue as Prime Minister.

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