is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.

Shiite (noun)

  1. Apparently a type of Muslim.
    But since we get all of our truthiness from the guts of both The Greatest President Ever and FOX, we know that all Islamoos are the same, which is why it wasn't important to consider civil war when liberating Iraq.
  2. They are apparently divided between Seveners (also called Ismailis), and Twelvers. There were originally Oners-Hundreders, but they all blew up.
  3. Since Sunni Muslims invented Islam, they took the good name, and left the other name option to the Shiites.
  4. Shiites are said to be born with mini suicide bombs implanted in their liver when they're born. These bombs can be detonated at will, reportedly being as easy to detonate as it is to urinate. The "Jihad Bomb" as many call it is genetic and is passed down from shiite to shiite. Shiite babies who are unwanted are the Shiites' secret weapon. They can be thrown out of helicopters as bombs because when the babies hit the ground, the friction detonates the bomb making Shiite babies the perfect Shiite secret weapon. Shiite babies worship The Baby Muhammed.

Of Note Edit

The word Shiite looks a lot like the word sh*t. Kurd looks alot like turd.

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