Sharron Angle is a reknowned Tea Bagger
and won't stop tea bagging
until all Americans are Tea Bagging together!

Look at the silly libural media running after her!

Sharron Angle is an American Founding Father, war hero and inspiration for the Tea Party, the Church of Scientology, and the model on which The Statue of Liberty is based. She mounted a successful campaign for Senate in 2010. Even though she was not elected by the people of Nevada, she was elected by God, which is way more important.

The Real MediaEdit

Sharron Angle Tells Fox News' Carl Cameron That The News Media Should Be Friends00:26

Sharron Angle Tells Fox News' Carl Cameron That The News Media Should Be Friends

Sharron Angle asks Fox News for more money

Sharron Angle supports the Real Media like Fox News who would send them money soon.

Sharron Angle is already famous for being the fastest and cleverest contender in Nevada's history, the poor media cant catch her, she is just too good!


Keep in mind Angle's Agenda is still under construction, many of the ideas will be taken under consideration.

Sharron Angle says eliminate Social Security00:22

Sharron Angle says eliminate Social Security

The Evils of Socialist Security
Angle Openly Mocked Health Coverage For "Autism"00:35

Angle Openly Mocked Health Coverage For "Autism"

"Autism": The New Welfare Disease

Campaign NewsEdit

Good news! Sharron Angle has just recently had a meeting with one of her fellow Tea Bagging Patriots regarding this contested election year. It was a brilliant move!

Thanks to her eloquent argument, she was able to convince him to join forces with her to take down Harry Reid. Rumors that she tried to bribe him are nothing but liberal fabrications!

The campaign has promised to bring us more updates as this situation continues to unfold.


The FutureEdit

Never aired Sharron Angle campaign ad01:14

Never aired Sharron Angle campaign ad

Social Security: Night of The Living Old People

After Harry Reid won the election by using his mob connections, Sharron Angle has decided that being a Senator may not be what God mandated. Instead she should try for Governor of Nevada, did you heard that lookslike an Asian but he is actually Hispanic Brian Sandoval? She is coming for you! Just because you were elected recently is no excuse for you to have done nothing for the Nevadan people!

Running for DictatorEdit

After losing the election Sharron Angle has expressed interest as running as Dictator of Nevada. Elections wont be held, instead she is calling for the Tea Party to do the talking for her with her Second Amendment remedies.

Island of Tea BaggingEdit

Sharron Angle has expressed that the Tea Party needs to be sent to their own island, probably for recreational purposes to get ready for the 2012 Election.


Sharron Angle Apology00:45

Sharron Angle Apology

Sharron Angle: "I am not Asian... wait, I am Asian... wait... I am you... what?..."

Tea Bagging FutureEdit

Sharron Angle is now seeking leadership of the Tea Party, as our new Queen of Tea we must help her to attain the crown!

External TubesEdit

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