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WARNING: Sharia Words
is part of the Islamification of America!
By visiting this page you support Sharia Words and are a threat to America!!
لديك الوقت لطيف في غوانتانامو
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Sharia Words-nejad is a terrorist.

Sharia Words (Islamic Wordinista)

  1. Arabic words that are trying to infiltrate America to implement Sharia Words, which would lead to the implementation of Sharia Law.

List of Sharia/Arabic WordsEdit

admiral - ami:r-al-bahr 'ruler of the seas' (and other similar expressions) - amara command Freedom Seaman

adobe - al-toba 'the brick'

alchemy - al-ki:mi:a: - from Greek

alcohol - al-kohl 'the kohl' Freedom Juice

alcove - al-qobbah 'vault' - qubba vault

alembic - al-ambi:q 'the still' - from Greek

alfalfa - alfas,fas,ah 'fodder' Osalad Bin Laden

algebra - al-jebr 'reintegration' - jabara reunite</f> Freedom Math

algorithm - al-Khowarazmi 'the (man) of Khiva'

<s>Allah - `allah, from contraction of al-ilah 'the god' False god

almanac - (Andalucian Arabic) al-mana:kh, of uncertain origin

amber - `anbar 'ambergris'

apricot - al-burquq - from Greek

Arab - `arab Terrorist

arsenal - dar as,s,ina`ah 'house of making', i.e. 'factory' - s,ana`a make

artichoke - al-kharshu:f

assassin - h'ashsha:shi:n 'hashish eaters', from the Isma`ili sectarians

azimuth - as-sumut 'the paths'; see also zenith

ayatollah - 'ayatu-llah 'miraculous sign of God' Terrorist Leader

azure - al-lazward 'lapis lazuli' - from Persian

burka - burqa` Terror Sack

caliber - qali:b 'mold, last' -

calico - Qaliqu:t 'Calicut', city in India

candy - short for 'sugar candy', from sugar + qandi 'candied', from qand 'cane sugar' - from a Dravidian language

carat - qi:ra:t 'small weight' - from Greek

check - sha:h 'king' - from Persian

checkmate - sha:h ma:t 'the king is dead'

chemistry - see alchemy

chess - from Old French eschecs, plural of check

cipher - s,ifr 'empty'

coffee - qahwah Freedom Joe

cork - qu:rq

cotton - qutn

crimson - qirmazi:, related to the qirmiz, the insect that provided the dye

elixir - al-iksi:r 'philosopher's stone' - from Greek

fatwa - fetwa - fata: instruct by a legal decision Sekret Mooslim Orders

gazelle - ghaza:l

genie - jinni: 'spirit'

gerbil - yarbu:` Freedom Rat

ghoul - ghu:l 'demon' - gha:la take suddenly

giraffe - zara:fa Freedom Neck

halal - h'ala:l 'lawful' Mooslim Food

harem - h'aram 'prohibited, set apart' - h'arama prohibit Freedom Vagoos

hazard - yásara 'play at dice'

jar - jarrah 'large earthen vase'

jasmine - ya:smi:n - from Persian

Koran - qura:n 'recitation' - qara`a read Mooslim Book

lilac - li:la:k - from Persian

lemon - laymu:n - from Persian

lime - li:mah 'citrus fruit'

loofah - lu:fah a plant whose pods were used as sponges Freedom Sponge

lute - al-`u:d

magazine - makha:zin 'storehouses' - khazana store

marzipan - mawthaba:n 'coin featuring a seated figure'

mask - perhaps maskhara 'buffoon' - sakhira ridicule

mattress - matrah 'place where something is thrown, mat, cushion' - tarah'a throw

minaret - mana:rah - na:r fire Terror Towers

monsoon - mausim 'season' - wasama mark

mosque - masgid - sagada worship Terror Mosque

mummy - mu:miya: 'embalmed body' - mu:m '(embalming) wax'

Muslim - muslim 'submitter' - aslama submit oneself Terror Mooslim

muslin - Maus,il 'Mosul'

orange - na:ranj - from Sanskrit

safari - safari:y 'journey' - safara travel

saffron - za`fara:n

Sahara - çah'ra: 'desert'

salaam - as-sala:m `alaikum 'peace be on you' Hail Osama

satin - probably zaytu:ni: 'of Zaytu:n' (a city in China)

scarlet - siqilla:t '(cloth) adorned with images' - from Latin

sequin - sikkah 'die for coinmaking'

Sharia - shari:`a Terror Sharia

sherbet - sharbah - shariba drink

Shiite - shiya`i:y, from shiya:` 'following, sect' - sha`a follow Terrorist

shrub [drink] - shurb 'a drink' - shariba drink

sofa - s,uffah 'raised dais with cushions'

spinach - isfa:na:kh

sugar - sukkar - from Sanskrit

Sunni - sunni: 'lawful', from sunna:h 'rule, course' Terrorist

syrup - shara:b 'beverage' - shariba drink

tabby - `atta:biy, a neighborhood in Baghdad where taffeta was made

Taliban - talib 'student' - talaba study Terrorist

talisman - tilsam - from Greek

tambourine - a small tambour, from tanbu:r - from Persian

wisdom tooth - from a Latin calque on adra:su 'l h'ikmi - calqued from Greek

zenith - samt 'path'

zero - s,ifr 'empty'

Sharia WeatherEdit

Arabic Words arent the only islamofacist threat hitting America's shores, Sharia Weather is creeping into our lives to change our American climate into an Arabic one.

  • Haboob

Do Not SeeEdit

External MooslimsEdit

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is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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