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Sharia Law
won a 2008 "Truthie"
for WORD OF THE YEAR (from the gut of Kroy Wen)
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Sharia Law was a Featured Word on 8/16/2008.
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Sharia Law
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Sharia Law to the authorities.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Sharia Law-nejad is a terrorist.

Holy shit!


What Americans will be doing in 2010.

Sharia Law (or Muslim Holy Law) that will be put into place under Imam Barack Hussein Obama, once he places a fatwah on America's White House. When Sharia law is forced upon America, it will cause most of us to make drastic changes to our lifestyle.

American cities trapped under Sharia LawEdit

  • Dearborn, Michigan[1]
  • Frankford, Texas[2]

Common Sharia LawsEdit

Sharia Law has edicts covering every aspect of life. A good mooslim must follow these or suffer the consequences prescribed in their so-called "holy book", the Koran.


  • showers must be taken with camel piss.
  • Piss must be used as an alternative for mouthwash.

Women's DressEdit

  • women must cover every portion of their filthy, filthy bodies

Dietary GuidelinesEdit

Punishments For Defying Sharia LawEdit

  • upon death one is given 72 virgin pigs

Do Not SeeEdit

Extremist TubesEdit

WARNING: Sharia Law
is part of the Islamification of America!
By visiting this page you support Sharia Law and are a threat to America!!
لديك الوقت لطيف في غوانتانامو

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