White House
Secretary Elaine Chao
is the cabinet post or job
of the United States of America
Secretary Elaine Chao
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
Yer doin' a heckuva job,

Elaine Chao was the Secretary of Labor for The Greatest President Ever. If The Presidential Cabinet were a game of Survivor, Elaine Chao would so be the winner. But it's not (exactly), which means she's publicly referred to not as "the winner" but as "the longest serving member" of the President's heckuva great team. Even still -- in your face, Rummy!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Elaine Chao Chao appointed to Wells Fargo's Board of Directors in June 2011
  • Married to Kentucky Senator (and Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell, which has absolutely nothing to do with the lucrative contracts McConnell regularly recieves.
  • Fun Fact 1 + Fun Fact 2 = "Beard"?

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