Secret Republican is a Secret Republican.
But I'll Never Tell!

Secret Republicans are a secret society of people normally viewed as "Democrats" or at least "Moderates" but who are, in fact, deep down in their hearts, Beautiful Republicans. Of course, most members of this society will vehemently deny being a Republican when asked. Others will proudly admit it, just to mess with your head.

The Secret GoalEdit

World Domination! Duh.


A Secret Republican


A Pair of Not-So-Secret Republicans


A Pair of Excellent Secret Republicans


Another Secret Republican


Everybody's Favourite Secret Republican

The Secret SignEdit

Like all secret societies, Secret Republicans have a sign by which other members of the society may know them. Masons have a handshake, The Illuminati have a code, and Secret Republicans have a salute. Let's see if we can tell which ones are Secret Republicans!

If you guessed that ALL of them are Secret Republicans, give yourself a pat on the back! Even openly Republican people can be Secret Republicans. In fact, openly Republican people often belong to the secret inner circles of the Secret Republicans, just to confuse the masses!

Known MembersEdit