"Second Life"
Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds

Second Life is an online virtual world created to promote socialism and promiscuity among America's youth. The game was developed and is maintained by Lindon Labs, a mysterious cabal probably being operated by bears, liberals and Fidel Castro.

The game itself consists of wandering aimlessly through a huge virtual environment, and socializing with superficial, pacifist teenagers. As such it is the slightly less nerdy (but much less America) equivalent of World of Warcraft.

Second Life Avatars Edit

Second Life allows for avatars of infinite appearance. That said, all avatars fall into one of three specific types:

  • Physically buff avatars: the choice for insecure teens who yearn to be popular. Also great for disgraced Congressmen on the prowl for young, naive victims.
  • Freaky dwarf avatars: preferred by pagans, hippies and other haters of the Baby Jesus.
  • Wacky cartoon avatars: a favorite with manic depressives and chronic attention-seekers.

Second Life Activities Edit

Common activities asides from sex with creepy looking things (rarely "people"), griefing and causing drama is a popular pasttime preferred by many to make up for the lack of content. Everyone from Splenda to Hillary Clinton have sims just waiting to be trampled and there's no shortage of posers or truely creative people to take on this task!

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