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Romney stationwagon

Seamus, we'll think of you every time we clean off the roof of the wagon.

Seamus Romney, Irish setter and beloved family pet of 2008 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, is well known for his penchant for road trips. Despite what the ranks of PETA-philes might have to say about the so-called "illegality" of the Mittster's home-made rig for Seamus atop his family's station wagon, they cannot change the love between a dog and his family.

No one can know the special bond that develops as a canine howls accompaniment to a family sing-along as the wind whips through his fur, traveling down the highway at 70 mph for twelve hours straight. Ahhh, the memories. And who can ever explain the special bond that develops between a dog and a boy when that boy watches that dog's fear-induced diarrhea pour down the rear windshield until Daddy finally has to pull over at a gas station and clean it off? Only a true dog lover can understand what such devotion to an animal means.

Seamus Romney, you are one lucky dog.

Seamus also is the name of a satanic book originating on

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