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Scrubs is a medical "comedy" that airs on ABC right after Ugly Betty although some can argue that it is a drama. No one knows. It is the inspiration for Grey's Anatomy. In other words, Grey's Anatomy is a rip-off of Scrubs, although the sex in Grey's Anatomy is much more random. Dr. House has been compared to a Scrubs character, Dr. Cox, and while they may have a few similarities, Dr. House is still more bad ass less bad ass.

256px-My House

Dr. House has often been compared to Dr. Cox.



One of the good guys.

Scrubs has a very colorful cast of characters, which include a nerd who narrates his own life, a black surgeon, a Hispanic wife, a neurotic Republican, a doctor who constantly rants, some crazy old man and an evil Janitor who has a brother-father and a sister-mother.

Half of the characters are Democrats and do not support the War in Iraq and the other half are True Americans.


The true Americans.


The terrorists.

Notable Guest StarsEdit

Scrubs has had many guest stars, including some guy who was part of the cast of "Friends." He played a man named Murray, which is actually a name for old men.

Another guest star was Michael J. Fox who played a doctor with OCD. He touches everything in his first patient's room while saying the word "bink."

Michael Mcdonald from MADtv has guest starred 5 times on it and directed every episode he was on. Jerk.



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