I am Scott Muschany and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Scott Muschany
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Scott Muschany
was a United States Representative
for the state of Missouri, but has since "retired".

Mr. Muschany (standing in rear) visits children with Governor Blunt (sitting)

Mr. Scott Muschany is a Republican in good standing with his party and fellow travelers. Mr. Muschany was elected to the Missouri state legislature to represent the "Frontenac" area.[1]

Send Mr. Muschany Best WishesEdit

Mr. Muschany can be contacted through two separate internets tubes[2]:


Spending Time With His FamilyEdit

After his term in the Missouri legislature has ended (at his discretion of course), Mr. Muschany will be spending time with his own wife and his own daughters instead of those from another's marriage.

Joining The FBACCEdit

While getting to know his family better, Mr. Muschany has hinted that he will be joining that club of upstanding young men searching for solace in a church-like environment away from the glare and scrutiny of busy-body photographers and prosecutors.

It is hoped that in this environment, Mr. Muschany will enjoy time away from the rigors of legislating and find comfort in the bosom of his brothers of the Future Born Again Christians Club.

The nosey liberal media have leaked that Mr. Muschany's club fees are in the $5,000 range.

Mr. Muschany's Future In PoliticsEdit

Once his seven-year introductory stint with the FBACC ends, Mr. Muschany is expected to return to politics in a limited capacity. By then, the economy should be jumping and jobs should be plentiful.


  1. Please note, "Frontenac" is not porn code for any sexual dalliances with a mother-daughter, but is in fact a town in Missouri
  2. Please address Scott using the proper title "Mister" and not the internets variation "Asswipe" or "Douchebag"

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