Scott Chantler
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

Unfortunately, color photography has yet to reach Canada.

Scott Chantler is the non-American responsible for the visual characterization of Tek Jansen. He has never actually met Stephen Colbert, as such an occurrence would irrevocably transform him into a mythical creature, like a griffin, mangle, or gay Republican. As he is not yet ready for such a metamorphosis, Scott Chantler communicates with Stephen via the tubes of the internet.

He also known for picking fights with newspapers to accelerate comic book sales. Then again, a real man would pick a fight with cultural gods like Rain or Barry Manilow. Silly Mr. Chantler, Tek Jansen can sell himself!

It is also believed that he was chosen to illustrate Tek Jansen because of his blessed initials. South Carolina was also chosen to be the state of Stephen Colbert's birth for that very reason.

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Scott Chantler
is an essential component of
The Tek Jansen Universe

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