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The ultimate ninja

Scorpion is a thought to be a "fictional" character in the series Mortal Kombat. If you think he isn't real you are wrong. He is in fact based on a real ninja. He is one of the most powerful ninjas ever to live. But he is rarely seen, because he is to busy chasing his arch-nemesis, Sub-Zero.

As a child, Scorpion spent his days harpooning the passing by beagles. He later decided that the harpoon was inefficient in martial arts tournaments. So he instead switched to a spear attached to a long rope. He hides this piercing rope up his sleeve, and when you least expect to get stabbed, you get stabbed.

Scorpion was once killed by Sub-Zero. But he is so amazing, that he just came back to life anyways. Now he is an undead ninja specter that walks the Earth fighting everything he sees.

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