Scientific Method
is science-related, sending it straight to hell.
Be careful when reading
Scientific Method
as it might have something to do with thinking...

The Scientific Method is a procedure created by Al-Hassan Ibn al-Haytham and used by scientists to prove they hate The Baby Jesus. Consisting of seven steps not mentioned in The Holy Bible, the Scientific Method has been the foundation of every liberal idea from atheism to stem cell research.

Every homeschooled child knows that there is really only one step necessary to understanding God's Creation: faithiness.

Observe A PhenomenonEdit

The first of the Satanic steps on the Road to Hell™, observing a phenomenon merely means that some liberal probably took some drug and hallucinated having gay sex with Satan herself.

Or more likely proof of Demonic Possession™.

During this period, the wayward commie will begin to question the very word of The Lord.

The phenomenon The Baby Jesus observes here is losing another soul to liberalism.

Identify ApplicationEdit

Formulate A HypothesisEdit

Experiment And Collect DataEdit

Analyze DataEdit



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