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This Article Doesn't Contain Enough Truthiness
This article needs to be more elaborate and truthy.

Please edit out any facts.

Scholaristic (adjective)

  1. the way truthiness provers go about showing how well versed they are in truthiness.

Evolution and global warming have been proved false by truthiness provers working in a scholaristic manner. This is not a real word. This is a made-up word by Steven Colbert.

Scholarism Edit

This is the religion of truthiness provers.

As long as you have complete faith in the literal Bible, you too can practice scholarism and know you won't go to Hell, where you will have to mingle with homosexuals and, worse, Liberals.

There can be no conflict at all between a true religion and scholarism.

Scholarisity Edit

This describes the charismatic appeal of truthiness provers who, unlike scientists know what's right just because they know it.

Ted Haggard is famous for his scholaristy.

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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