Abandon Truthiness All Ye Who Enter This Internets Tube!
"Satellite Radio"
discusses one of the Liberal's Ridiculous Theories and Notions.

Satellite Radio is hippie voodoo. Unlike traditional/Terrestrial Radio, Satellite Radio uses your brain as an antenna and causes cancer. Satellite Radio has lots of channels, most in Arabic, and all of them promoting democrats.

Satellite radio is a attempt to foist city folk ideas on their God loving rural folk. Communism from the sky, if you will. It is an attempt to circumvent white flight and bring "urban music" to impressionable combine driving teenagers.

It will die in 2009 as its influence tricks all the tow head lads and ladies to flock to the city to meet Howard Stern and P. Diddy.

It is funded by Warren Buffet as he intends to purchase all of Nebraska for himself and Melinda Gates.

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