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"Mika, you need to buck up. I know you think this story has no purpose other than keeping Sarah Palin’s name in the headlines for another news cycle. I know you think she has nothing to offer the national dialogue and that her speeches are just coded talking points mixed with words picked up at random from a thesaurus.

I know you think Sarah Palin is at best a self-promoting ignoramus and at worst a shameless media troll who will abuse any platform to deliver dog-whistle encouragement to a far right base that may include possible insurrectionists.

I know you think her reality show was pathetically unstatesmanlike, and at the same time I know you believe it also represents the pinnacle of her potential and that her transparent, transparent desperation to be a celebrity so completely eclipsed her interest in public service so long ago that there would be more journalistic integrity on reporting on one of the lesser Kardashian’s ass implants.

I know, I know that when you arrive at the office each day you say a silent prayer that maybe, just maybe Sarah Palin will at long last shut up for ten f@#king minutes. I know because I can see it in your eyes.

Well guess what, Mika. That’s the gig. And it’s only January of 2011, kiddo. And you have a minimum of 2 more years of this ahead of you. You want to stay in this game? You dig deep. You find another gear. You show up to work every day, get your hair and makeup done, you slap on a smile, get out there on TV and repeat what Sarah Palin said on Hannity last night right into the lens. You know – news.

I have faith in you kid. You can do it! I’ll see you in New Hampshire … I’ll buy."

~~Stephen Colbert about Palin Fatigue. January 18, 2011


Sarah Palin Will Become President in 2012!
This Time We Will Make Sure of It!

Palin 2012: Election Night Will Be Awesome

SarahPAC is an institution whose mission is to elect The Greatest Maveratrix Ever President of the United States of America!

Created after A.C.O.R.N. the 2008 election to The Secret Muslim, SarahPAC promises to free America from the inevitable socialist hell that is bound to befall our once great nation as a consequence of this crime.

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PalinvoldemortTHUMB copy large

Disgusting and a Libural lie!
Voldemort would never be second on the ticket!

Meet the Mamma GrizzliesEdit

Sarah Palin's Voters Guide AKA Scare The Vote (by DC Douglas)04:32

Sarah Palin's Voters Guide AKA Scare The Vote (by DC Douglas)

The Mamma Grizzlies!


100823 hacker

President Palin liberates Nigeria in 2012


Sarah Palin Battle Hymn - The Original Version!03:01

Sarah Palin Battle Hymn - The Original Version!

America's new national anthem


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President Palin to win 2012

FOX Attacks & Laughs At Sarah Palin During Off-Air Commercial Break01:21

FOX Attacks & Laughs At Sarah Palin During Off-Air Commercial Break

Fox News The Libural Media smearing Palin again!
Fox News nightmare

is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.

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