Sara Taylor
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
Sara Taylor
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!

Poor, frightened Miss Taylor speaking at a function for girl lawyers or something. Patrick Leahy is so mean to ask her questions on TV. It's no wonder she would rather use email.

Sara Taylor is just a girl who wants to do justice and serve at the pleasure of the President.

Miss Sara worked with Harriet Miers and maybe had lunch with Monica Goodling and Rachel Paulose. She is considered the Tara Reid in her group of friends.

Girls and Email: Whaddya Gonna Do?Edit

Like many of us these days, Sara has a lot of email accounts. Too many to keep track of, really. I mean, we all know the feeling. Between the work account, and the gmail you use for your porn news subscriptions, and the home email, and the one you use for the eBay, etc. etc. - well, we all know what it's like.

So, sure, Sara was technically under a "legal" obligation to do her work emailing from her .gov account. But who can blame her if she accidentally sent upwards of 66,000 emails from her RNC account instead. It's not like she was trying to avoid accountability by using an account that automatically deletes emails more than 30 days old. She just got confused about which account she was using. Could happen to anyone.

Especially if she got an email in her RNC inbox that had a picture of a really cute kitten attached. I mean, in what possible scenario would she NOT be forwarding that along to Alberto Gonzales? Alberto loves kittens! Sara might have also happened to mention in that fwd: that she thought it was going to be so super cool that Tim was going to replace that has-been Bud Cummins in the Little Rock job!!! But the only person who could see something sinister in an innocent kitten email fwd: is Nancy Pelosi, who - as everyone knows - hates kittens, the internet, and perky young go-getters who serve at the pleasure of the President.



Miss Taylor responding to all questions in a somber and forthright manner

On July 11, 2007, Miss Taylor had to go before the liberal show trial machine. Patrick Leahy attempted to badger her, but she remained the unflappable and strong, yet feminine young woman who may not keep up with the news inside her very own office, but certainly does her very best to keep up with the plethora of newspapers necessary for her duties to God and her country.


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  • Karl Rove was her boss and mentor. This proves that you can trust her never to lie about anything
  • worked for TGPE since 2000


Earlier this month, deputy national security adviser J.D. Crouch II announced plans to step down. His departure followed that of Meghan O'Sullivan, the deputy national security adviser who oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. [1]

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