Samantha Bee
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
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Samantha Bee
is a correspondent for "The Daily Show"

Samantha is not Canadian,
she is a Bee from Outer Space!!

Beehelms small

Samantha's latest victim: Ed Helms

Samantha Bee is a common whore, aka The Daily 'ho. She is among the reasons the Republicans lost their majority in the House and the Senate in 2006. She is also the reason Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans (OK, so maybe that was a good thing).

And that infamous "blue dress" during the Lewinsky scandal? That was Samantha's. Not to... um... smear Bill Clinton, but his taste in women... Puhleeze.

Job TitlesEdit

  • Senior Money Honey
  • Samantha has also alluded to her lesbionic predilections with her piece on "News I'd Like to F@#%," or NILFs for short.
  • When Rob Corddry left the Daily Show, Samantha Bee replaced him in "This Week in God." Like Corddry, Samantha could not make amazing sound effects like Stephen Colbert.

Known AquaintencesEdit

She was way hotter back then, a total score. Still, she hasn't completely lost her appeal, even after all these years. In an informal poll of Guantanamo Bay prisoners inmates detainees guests over 60, Samantha scored just behind Cokie Roberts as the newsperson they would most like to have a conjugal visit with. Samantha is said to have jokingly replied "Yeah, when Hell freezes Dover - eh?" and gave one of her trademark "winks". Oddly, Tony Snow topped the poll results with a strong showing of 73%.

Sam at gitmo

Samatha visiting her admirers at GITMO, after Hell actually freezing over

Nowadays? A common whore; totally got knocked up thrice by Jason Jones.

Samantha Bee
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!


Samantha Bee is a Mama Welfare Queens, every year she gets pregnant so she can cash in government checks for every child she brings to the world. I mean, three kids already?! When will she stop??

Not a Fan ClubEdit


Realizing that she will never make it on the Daily Show
(see Rob Corddry),
she decided to whore herself by releasing her own book

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