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Salt Lake City, Utah
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Mayor: John Denver Jr.
City Motto: Why have just one Denver?
Nickname:Mini Denver
Theme Song:

"Should've been a cowboy"

Population: 666
Standard MPH: 85
Principal industries:

Denver, Colorado

Fun Fact # 1:

Salt Lake City sucks, but

Las Vegas pwns!

Fun Fact # 2:

Aurora, Colorado has more

people than Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital of the Mormon City, a self-contained national enclave created by Mormons in response to the Roman Catholic Church's consistent threats to make the Vatican a nucular power. Salt Lake City is located upon the eponymous Salt Lake, in the middle of the Utah Air Force bombing ranges.

Salt Lake City is a place of perpetual teenage marrige. The average age of a Utah couple when married is 18.76 years of age for the female and 21.4 for the males. The men have to return from their two year mission before they are allowed to wed, and the women must marry a return missionary if they want a chance in the celestial kingdom. The more wives that a man has means a better reward in the after life.

Salt Lake City HistoryEdit

The mormons got jealous of Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and

Albuquerque, so they made a ghetto city.

Salt Lake City TodayEdit

A mormon city.

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Salt Lake CityEdit

Salt Lake City LandmarksEdit

  • Statues of John Stockton and Karl Malone.
  • A statue of Brigham Young with his arms open to a bank tower.
  • A large smoke stack that is taller than any structure west of the Mississippi.
  • A phone booth, which ranks as the 2nd tallest structure in all of Utah after the smoke stack.

Famous People From Salt Lake CityEdit

A Typical Day In Salt Lake CityEdit

The evil gang, the mormons

Original city or mini Denver?Edit

Salt Lake City is like a miniature version of Denver, because of Utah getting invaded by Colorado.

The difference is that Salt Lake City's population is way behind Denvers, and that Denver has a lot

more stuff, but Salt Lake is mormonised. The only advantage Salt Lake City has over Denver is the Gateway and an Ikea. Maybe Salt Lake City and Denver were in thier advantage during the "Forgotten War", and Denver

beat Salt Lake City. Still, Las Vegas is the best city of all time! VIVA LAS VEGAS!

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