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S-Chip, also known as SCHIP, is as the great Iowa Congressman Steve King calls it, the Socialized Clinton-style Hillarycare for Illegals and their Parents[1]. Now that may sound good, but if you take a look at who the founders are, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, you know why President Bush luckily said "No-no".

The proposal Edit

The liberals wanted to expand the program by taking away $35 billion (!) from patriotic cigarette-smoking taxpayers just so that kids who are too lazy to work in order to qualify for flu treatment. Instead the money now goes into secret channels and is used as funding for "Operation Liberating Iran". As The Greatest Living American pointed out, if the government starts giving out free healthcare to little Americans, when they grow up to become adult Americans they are going to demand other laziness bonuses like free housing, free food and free television and stop working in their three jobs.

Impact Edit

SCHIP is not good for little kids. Because if we take the liberty of private healthcare away from them, they might lose faith in Corporate America. If suddenly medicine is free, why buy pharma stocks later? As they say, if it costs nothing, it’s worth nothing. After all, those kids could pay their hospital bills on the college fund that mom and dad worked for with 3 jobs each, like good patriots do.

Even worse, if we start giving them state treats at this young age, they might later ask for more like unemployment pay, social welfare and public housing. This is not why the founding fathers boldly went where no man had went before (except illegal immigrants from India or the likes). They intended the pursuit of happiness for everybody. Everybody who can survive on their own at $5 an hour.


  1. Florida Representative Tom Feeney called it: Socialized Cuban-style Healthcare for Illegals and their Parents

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