Rushisahardcorejunkiepedophile dot com
has its own Satanic tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!! is a smear internets tube created by desperate liberals desperate to smear America's radio newsman, Rush Limbaugh.

There has never been any evidence that the esteemed Mr. Limbaugh ever went deaf as a result of an overuse of prescription medications or that he ever went on kiddie vacations to the Dominican Republic.


So, let's not visit this blasphemous internets tube and leave Mr. Limbaugh alone before he is forced to go on another extended Caribbean vacation to regain his strength to fight the forces of terrorists and liberals who hate America's family values.


Lies Spread By This TubeEdit

For the sake of keeping things fair and balanced, will post the lies spread by this most hateful of internets.

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