We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout

An X-ray showing a typical rugby player's brain

Rugby is like American Football except played all around the world. There are only 15 players on a team and they don't wear helmets because all rugby players have Homer Simpson syndrome which makes the fluid protecting their brains 1/8th of an inch thicker than the average persons. You are not allowed to pass the ball forward because this represents an unnecessary focus on progress which is what communists and bears enjoy.

Rugby fits in with the British Empire's love of getting large men to wear small shorts and jump all over each other. It is a very popular sport, especially with the gays.

There are rumours that an amount of bears once made a rugby team over in England; one of the biggest massacares know to man occured there after when the bears began mauling the players shortly after losing to them. The only man who survived was Pat Johnson, and only survived because he's half American, just like Rugby. Rugby also is the AWESOMEST sport ever to be created.

How To PlayEdit


A rugby match lasts 20 minutes plus injury time + stoppage time + intervals + Whining time. The object of the game is to score the least points possible (0). This team is the declared the loser. Points are awarded for Whining, arguing and complaining. A Whine deducts 5 points, arguing deducts 2 and complaints deduct 3 points. The pitch must be no more than 50 meters in length so it is impossible for Americans to understand the length of the pitch.

France has always been the best rugby team.

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