Rough Riders
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

The Rough Riders preside from the magnificant Canadian metropolis of Regina, not to be confused with the now defunct Ottawa Rough Riders. It is very important to remember that the Rough Riders are a football team in the CFL. It's also important to remember that they're all Jedis. They just won the allusive Grey Cup for the 3rd time in their existance, and that's not great considering the league only has 8 teams (Can this be considered a real league?). The Bombers were the other team they faced and they also have the force but they are all Sith Lords. So they suck.

Fans of the Rough Riders are known for their extra contribution to world hunger by emptying watermelon shells and idiotically wearing them on their heads. They also delight in throwing partially full beer cans at opposing teams and their coaching stuff.

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