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Romnification was a Featured Word on 1/13/08.
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My name is Mitt Romney and I do don't do endorse this word.

Romnification is a hot cool hot and trendy term which describes the total reversal of one's stance on numerous key issues for political expediency.

Some would argue romnification is the same as pontification or indecision. But those people would be wrong! By its definition, romnificating is done in a decisive, courageous way, totally unlike the flip-flopping of certain prominent Democrats. That's because only true Republicans can romnificate.

Examples of romnification Edit

  • Buying a gun and going on your first hunt at the age of 59, and then declaring yourself a life-long hunter
  • Supporting abortion as a Governor of Taxachusetts and then declaring yourself pro-life
  • Telling gay Republicans you support gay rights, then later opposing gay marriage

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