Romney '08
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Fabricates, You Obey.

Romney '08
is an important part of FOX's Election 2008 Coverage.
Romney '08 is the campaign of some Mormon guy running for president. A self-proclaimed successful businessman, Romney spent tons of his own money in his own campaign only to drop out half-way through to cut his loseses. His departure results in many Social Conservatives going to Huckabee and many Fiscal Conservatives going to MaCain.


for Traditional Marriage

★ I believe marriage is a union under God between a man and a woman... and a woman... and a woman... ★

On the plus side, he is anti-same-sex marriage. On the neg side, he defines marriage "as a union between a man and a woman... and a woman... and a woman...", which makes him pro-polygamy. Polygamy makes baby Joseph happy but baby Jesus cry.

Five SonsEdit

Romney's five sons, as of 2008, are of prime age for military service. However, Romney believed that them helping his political campaign is more important for the future of America than them serving their patriotic duty. Will America choose a family with that kind of patriotism?

Health Care Edit

Romney believed in each state finding its own solution to the health care crisis. If it works, other states will adopt them in manner not unlike how the free market works. As governor, Romney enacted health insurance for his state. It's like how driving insurance works, if you don't have driving insurance your driving privilege gets suspended. So, if you don't have health insurance your hospital privilege get suspended. (health = driving) Governor Romney's method for health care works! Health costs for government are down. Free market determine health insurance costs for people. People at health risks cannot get insurance and leave the state. This further drive down health costs for the government.

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