Rogue Magazine
Full Name Rogue Magazine PLC
Current Ownership
Founded 2008
Circulation Sarah Palin: Good... John McCain: Poor... Joe The Plumber: Moderate...(unless dealing with a sewer backup)
Published Randomly
Headquarters Main Street, U.S.A.
Fun Fract: Rogue's billing structure dictates that you must pay the bill on demand. Subscription prices range from "Complimentary" to "$150,000". Subscribers never know in advance how much their bill amount will be.

Rogue Magazine is the official trade publication for Mavericks.

The magazine was founded in 2008 to track the phenomenal rise of Mavericks Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, who recently attained the Mavericky level of Going Rogue. Never in the history of mankind (other than a parent dealing with a teenager) have individuals surpassed the Maverickness of their Mentor / Master in such a short period of time.



Joe the Plumber on the cover of Rogue, October 2008.


Rogue has distribution points at supermarkets, plumbing supply stores, gun shows, and on-line through The Internet pay site has resulted in retail sales of $0 since introduction.


Rogue is printed on an old-school Heidelberg press located at one of Hensley & Company's 238 beer distribution warehouses. The exact location of the press is undiscosed for national security reasons.

Suspension of Printing CampaignEdit

The press used to print Rogue has a tendency to stop working and suspend operations. When this occurs, the machine has to be transported to Washington, D.C. to sit in on a high profile meeting and photo op. It is interesting to note that the magazine's advertising continues during these campaign suspensions.


Sections are unchanged with each issue, however, they are never in the same location because the magazine's page numbering is random.

Section 1 (Sometimes found on Page 38)Edit

  • How to become Famous by Chance

Tips on how to become internationally famous in six months or less

Section 2 (Sometimes found on Page 12)Edit

  • Profiles in Maverickism

Articles on all time Mavericky greats

Section 4 (Sometimes found on Page 9)Edit

Bill's column appears everywhere. This is constant, even in a rogue publication

Section 3 (Sometimes found on Page 56)Edit

  • In What Respect, Charlie?

Advice column on how to throw off the media elite and their damaging questions during high profile interviews

Section 8 (Sometimes found on Page 4)Edit

  • Feature Interview

The cream of the Mavericky crop in one-on-one interviews with Rogue's Senior Editor, Jayson Blair

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