Don't Fake the Funk!
Rush says Rock and Roll
is shamelessly boogie-worthy.

When Satan makes sweet, sweet love to his handmaiden, he does it to the sound of "rock 'n roll".

Musical RootsEdit

Rock And Roll is rooted in Blues and Rhythm and Blues, which white people politely borrowed from their slaves; blacks, for their part, are more than happy to give over their cultural heritage, and are not in any huge hurry to have it back.

Stylistic MovementsEdit

  • Hip Girating
  • Twisting
  • The Heeby Geeby Dance
  • The Over-bite
  • The Running Man
  • The Head Bonging
  • The Technotronic
  • The Carolton

Early PioneersEdit

Styles Influenced By Rock and RollEdit

Metal, pop, country, jazz, indie, Rhumba, mariachi, Death metal (metal's mentally retarded half-cousin, characterized by ungodly lyrics about raping virgins and eating their flesh.), J-pop, and psychobilly, plus just about any other genre except rap and show tunes.

Modern Rock StarsEdit

Stefan Tesic Djuric, AcDc, Ect Ect..

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