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Attention: "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheney" contains classified information.
Only authorized personnel with the proper clearances can view "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheney"

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Cheney is a game, much like "Rock, Scissor, Paper," except that in this game, Cheney defeats everything.... or does he? cannot disclose this information as a matter of National Security.

How To PlayEdit

Possible ways Cheney wins Edit

  • Every good neo-con knows Cheney beats "a rock", thanks to democracy, freedom and Halliburton.
  • Paper is the tool of Congress. As Vice President everyone knows Cheney trumps Congress. Nixo facto Cheney beats paper.
  • Scissors were invented in Egypt, who has since succumbed to the awesomeness of Dick Cheney and his underling boss George W. Bush. Therefore, Cheney beats scissors.
  • Dick Cheney is in the Executive branch, not in the Executive branch, and in the Legislative branch as well, therefore, Cheney beats Cheney.

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