Robot Bears
makes the Baby Jesus cry,
and should be treated with caution contempt!
BearShark's Guide to
Godless Killing Machines
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4

Robot bears: now with even less 'God'!

Are they robots? Are they bears? One thing is for sure; they embody the most frightening aspects of both types of killing machines. Paddington, say hello to the Terminator. Humanity, say goodbye to life as we know it!

These bear "robots" are a creation of Vecna Robotics. Look at their symbol! It resembles the unholy symbol of the Vecna, The dark god of Destructive and Evil Secrets. Thus these bear robots can only be creations of evil!

Robot Bears were listed as #1 on the Threat Down on June 13, 2007.

From the NewswireEdit

A news article by Careax.

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