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Bob is, was and always will be.

Hail Eris!

Bob was born (see below links fer relevant details), and grew up -- some say his birth was an Irish Conspiracy, and flocks of cops attended upon him at his birth. He married Arlen Reilly, rumored to be one of the agents of The Shadow...

In adult life, he worked for Hugh Hefner's Bunny KonsPiracy, where he met his Conspiratorial cohort, Robert J. Shea. Together, when fed information by the Illuminati agents around the country posing as anti-Illuminati provacateurs, revealed the truthiness of the conspiraces around us in the ILLUMINATUS! trilogy -- just in time for Watergate.

Wilson had by now become head of the Chicago Illuminati under the name of Mordecai the Foul, and was instrumental in the releasing of the infamous Principia Discordia 5th edition, where he broke his Oath of Secrecy by revealing the Atlantean and Hyborian Age roots of the Illuminati to the world. The death sentence took years to accomplish...

After releasing a number of supposedly truthy books involving techniques for accomplishing the HEAD Revolution, Bob became transported to Planet Eris shortly after its discovery, leaving a mortal aged shell behind. Global Meme-Orials commemorated the event in 2007.

Released for public consumption

Leif Ericksen Cabal, LDD

Illuminatus Primus Hagbard Celine

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