Rita Cosby
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
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Bleach blonde host of MSNBC's "Specials Unit", because her show doesn't have a name anymore. Used to be "Rita Cosby Live & Direct"

Last known employment was as a part-time employee of MSNBC and head of MSNBC's covert paramilitary Specials Unit. Everyone assigned to this unit wore civilian clothes, so they weren't noticed much, due to their covertness. For some reason, Rita's full-time status was reduced when MSNBC president Rick Kaplan departed the network after arguing with Countdown host Keith Olbermann.

Rita Cosby FactsEdit


Rita Cosby's Roots Exposed

  • She is incapable of being shrill due to her annoyingly hoarse voice that even a three week vacation in Mexico couldn't cure.
  • Is as dumb as a suitcase of rocks and cannot be trusted with an hour-long show five days a week
  • Fired by MSNBC on March 12, 2007 for being too special. PR hacks said she was making herself "available to the rest of the industry".
  • Rehired by FOX as a "special" correspondent for Inside Edition, because they didn't learn their lesson the last time.
  • NSNBC, reports that a "suitcase of rocks" as hired Perry Mason to prove they are smarter than Crosby. Crosby's "sources" tell her the rocks will win the case on the merits. Crosby plans to challenge the suitcase of rocks to a round of jeopardy. She is assuring her followers she is confident she will prevail.

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