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The Right wing is a conservative ideology which promotes small government and rights to the individual and corporation. This Republican Right wing, is constantly pitted against their opposition the Democratic "Wrong" Wing, occasionally referred to as the Left Wing. Now most people would like you to believe that the left and the right wing are merely different views and opinions, with the same positive purpose for our countries future. However my Gut just won't believe that. Come on people, consider the facts. There must be some reason that the republicans are "Right" Wing, where as the Democrats make up everyone who's "Left" over?! ... Just a thought.

Bombing squadron Edit

The right wing was a strategic air-to-ground bombing squadron in WWII very much notable for their little known about key victories of the Americans and coalition forces. The history of the Right Bomb Wing was often times the stuff of legend and folklore. While some of the more popular accounts have indeed been confirmed on some level, much of the unit's operations remain shrouded in mystery. The bombing wing was established shortly after Hitler had gained a footing on the western front and the Americans needed a solution to combat Nazi Germany's own brand of strategic bombing: Das links Stehend, known to Americans as the Left Wing.

In the early years, the right wing had a more trivial purpose such as humanitarian missions and mail or surplus deliveries. The unit was eventually disbanded until being activated years later and merged with it's brother unit, the fightin' hawks . This freshly reestablished bombing wing would prove to have a high air supremacy and greater potential for extended missions abroad.

The unit experienced many victories but soon discovered after minor skirmishes with the nazi left and other squadrons that it had inadequate man-power and thus soon acquired the small group of dog-fighters called the screamin' angels.

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