Rico wore a diamond.

One night, after entering The Copacabana, a hot spot located north of Havana, as he was being escorted to his chair, Rico saw the Copa's featured dancer Lola. After she had completed her dance routine, he called her over. Her paramour, a bartender named Tony, objected to Rico's advances, saying that Rico had gone "a bit too far."

In short order, punches were exchanged, resulting in various chairs being damaged in the ensuing fight.

A handgun was produced at some point and a single shot was fired.

Questions remain to this day as to who fired the weapon and who was shot:

  • Did Tony shoot Rico and wind up in prison?
  • Did Rico shoot Tony and get away with it?

Since the shooting first occured, a group of researchers have opposed the official account of the actions and have posited an alternate scenario, referred to as The Single Gunshot Theory.

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