Not quite girlie, not quite man,
Richard Simmons
is all Girlieman.
Despite what you may have heard
Richard Simmons
Is totally not gay!
Angelina jolie 032
Don't be too mean,
Richard Simmons
is a registered Pussy.

Not Richard, just a forgotten portrait in the Picture Frame of A Broken Dream. Good guess, though, and guesses count for something.


The Number 2 Guy, Second in Command for the Healthkidah

Richard Simmons (born Milton Teagle Richard Simmons July 12, 1948; also born fat) is destroying America's moral fiber and Family Values by prancing around in really really short shorts.

Richard Simmons is the number 2 guy in command for the Healthkidah. He loves to exploit huge women with low self-esteem with his nazi propaganda.

Richard Hates America but he loves George W. Bush and he supports our troops by sending them video tapes of how to prance around and wave your flag at the same time.



The imposter

A man broke into a Congressional hearing room and tried to trick people into believing he was Mr. Simmons.

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