"That mothafucka owes me money!"
~ Ronald Reagan's Ghost

"Slaves built all this shit down here.. Or carried the shit that built it.. (on New Orleans)"

A comedian who perverted American minds and swore a lot. His accounts of differences between white American culture and African-American culture are the model for comedic acts such as Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chapelle. Stephen Colbert doesn't 'get' Richard's humor, primarily because he doesn't see race... he only sees Americans.


In 2009 the estates of Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson were joined to start an educational foundation.

It was called the Ignited Negro College Fund.

Facts about the fundEdit

  • contributers are burning up the phone lines.
  • It's motto is The mind is a terrible thing to baste
  • coke and pepsi are both going to contribute

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