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Richard Brookhiser
was an in-studio guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed at The C Desk.

February 6, 2008Edit


from the National Review

    • McCain is the man, Stephen doesn't like him, and he isn't sure why
      • he seems liberal
      • Stephen can't stand him
    • McCain like illegal aliens
  • Huckabee will not be VP
  • McCain's VP should pick someone from upper midwest

February 28, 2008Edit


  • Buckley's significance for conservatism
    • asks everyone to imagine the 1960's
    • fearless, took on the argument
    • didn't get personal
    • all about arguments
  • Buckley had panache

August 28, 2008 NailingEdit


  • book: "George Washington on Leadership"
  • Washington was a bomb-throwing revolutionary, why should we honor him?
  • sometimes the established order has to take away our rights to protect us
  • First woman in the world voted in 1776 in New Jersey, it was taken away after 31 years
  • the people of Denver booed Brookhiser's insults thrown at New Jersey
  • Washington was a quitter
  • Washington's abilities
    • picked people to do things that needed to be done
    • also doesn't understand modern finance like McCain
    • a military man who can't use a computer
  • people only use computer to find Angelina Jolie's baby bump
  • Washington didn't have flag pins on his slaves
    • freed his slaves
  • Washington's teeth (made from hippo ivory)
    • America's first part hippo president

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