Rich Little
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
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If it worked in 1983...

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...why update your material for today?

An entertainment flash back!

Best known for his impersonations of Richard Nixon and Johnny Carson, who have both been dead for years, Mr. Little was a popular entertainer w-a-a-y back in the 1970's when clothing was optional, but when you did choose it, it was barf-worthy.

Along with The Brady Bunch and Hollywood Squares, Mr. Little balanced the American television Morals-scape against The Smothers Brothers and The Mary Tyler Moore Show (and assorted spin-offs, like so many adopted children).

According to his website, Mr. Little pays tribute to The Second Greatest President Ever! Which is why he was given the honor of paying tribute to The Greatest President Ever on April 21, 2007, during the 2007 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner!

Congratulations, Mr. Little. No one has ever done a good enough job at that gig to impress anyone! We here at hope you are showered with candy and flowers and here's hoping no one refers to you as "has-been" anymore after your stellar performance.

Original Impressions/Jokes Recounted When Mr. Little Hosted the 2007 WHCADEdit

  • Barrack Obama as terrorist!
  • Richard Nixon is uncomfortable in his own skin!
  • Hillary Clinton as a man!
  • Dennis Kucinich is a hippie!
  • Jimmy Carter has big teeth!
  • Ronald Reagan is a saint!
  • George H.W. Bush is an innovator
  • George W. Bush is The Greatest President Ever!

Topics Mr. Little Will Not MentionEdit

You go, Rich, here's hoping Branson returns your calls!


Never have I witnessed comedy of such magnitude! The men in the audience wanted to be him, and the women spontaneously were impregnated by his witty barbs! 5 Million Stars!

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