Rice is a miniature bit of food that can be grown anywhere in the world.

There's a shortage of Rice! Edit

Rice according to the mainstream media is a food that there is plenty of and we shouldn't have to worry about shortages. If we shouldn't have to worry about the world's supply of rice, then why are those same media news networks reporting that retailers like Wal-Mart and Sam's Club are rationing it? Rationing it to the point where one can only buy 80 pounds of it in a single purchase?

What if you wanted 81 pounds?

What if you needed 81 pounds?

Our great Stephen is constantly in need of such large amounts of rice so that he can make his kiddie-pool paellas!

How you can help Stephen Edit

Gather a large group of at least 100 people.

Go into a Wal-Mart or Sam's Club one person at a time and have each person buy their 80 pound ration.

Send all the rice to Stephen.

Get receipts.

Where we might be headed Edit

Rice rationing is only the first step in the liberal's plan to modify and change our world's food supply. We must fight this liberal rationing bullshit before other foods start to become rationed. If we aren't careful, we'll all be eating SOYLENT GREEN and wondering what real food tasted like long long ago!

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