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Revolving Door

A revolving door, centerpiece of American politics.

A type of door often found in larger structures to prevent inclement weather from entering their large, spacious lobbies. The revolving door is centered in the front of the building as a showpiece, and the doors themselves are made from glass to appear light-weight.

How They WorkEdit

A revolving door is formed when two slats cross each other making 4 equal spaces for people to enter and exit a building simultaneously. The cross structure rotates on an axis running vertically through the intersection of the two slats. The cross structure is then fitted inside the circular area createded in an opening of the front wall.

How Are They UsedEdit

A revolving door can insure an obedient partisan in your political party is never out of work. If a loyal friend is convicted of "breaking the law" you want to make sure none of your own dirty laundry ever gets out. This can be achieved by employing the friend in a related, but separate field, as a lobbyist or author or doing speaking engagements.

Who Benefits From A Revolving DoorEdit

The revolving door allows for entry and exit into all the lucrative fields controlled by your other friends. And friends are not limited to the human variety; friends can be industries as well.

  • Consultant
    • think tank
    • author
    • pundit
  • "Captain of Industry"
    • on the Board of Directors
    • lobbyist
    • lawyer/elected official
    • judge
    • non-elected, safe-from-Senate-confirmation-hearings, unshackled-from-oversight "Advisor"

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