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"Republican Policies"
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Republican Policies are the values of America's Party made law.

There are so many policies that it is almost impossible for just one person to name them. However, due to the big tent philosophy of the party, anyone who votes GOP (or Republican[1]) can proclaim what the Party's policies are! [2]

The GOP is good like that.

Policies Governing Persons Running For Elected OfficeEdit

Policies Governing Employees Of Persons Running For Elected OfficeEdit

Policies For Officials Of The Republican National CommitteeEdit

Policies For Employees Working For Officials Of The Republican National CommitteeEdit

See main article: Low-level Staffer



Policies Governing Retired Or Former Elected Officials Or Employees Of The Republican National CommitteeEdit

Policies Governing Persons Working In An Unelected Advisory PositionEdit

Examples of "persons working in an unelected advisory position" are: Lobbyist, Pundit, Pollster, Donor or Undercover CIA Mole


  1. Whichever name is printed on the ballot
  2. When someone steps over the line, however, and misrepresents what the Party's official stances on issues, the Party quickly denounces the claim and distances themselves from such a person.
    Please note: The Republican National Committee cannot be held responsible for what 527s do.
    Those guys are crazy!

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