Republican Commemoration Research Center
is one of the Think Tanks that keep this country
on a straight and righteous path.
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Whenever a Great American is raptured to sit with The Baby Jesus, the faithful who are left behind to commemorate the dearly departed in a most appropriate manner.

The Republican Commemoration Research Center (RCRC) was created to insure only the best and most deserving Americans get their names on the most glorifyingly American shrine.

Senior Fellow Elizabeth Dole has recently suggested an AIDS memorial to be named after the great AIDS advocate, Jesse Helms.

Please review the projects coming down RCRC's pike, or suggest your own.

Upcoming MemorialsEdit

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Below are some of the most successful Republicans ever! who have yet to have anything named after them. This slight needs to be rectified. Please add your own memorials for the unremembered Republicans.

Rick SantorumEdit

  • The Santorum Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Bodily Fluids

Mark FoleyEdit

  • The Mark Foley Childrens Internets Protection Chip

Ann CoulterEdit

  • The Ann Coulter Center for Objective Reality Research

Phyllis SchlaflyEdit

  • The Schlafly Institute For Christian Homemakers

Margaret ThatcherEdit

  • The Margaret Thatcher center for Irish independence.

Peggy NoonanEdit

Newt GingrichEdit

Dick ArmeyEdit

Michele BachmannEdit

  • The Bachmann Abortion Clinic
  • The Bachmann center for the promotion of fluorescent light bulbs.
  • The Bachmann You Be Da Man Centre for Ebonical Sheeeit

Wendy GrammEdit

  • The Wendy Lee Gramm institute for fair business practices.

Harriet MiersEdit

Larry CraigEdit

  • The Larry Craig Center for cleaner bathrooms.
  • The Larry Craig Institute for Stance Reduction.

Tom DeLayEdit

  • The Tom DeLay Government Corruption Investigation Center

Ken LayEdit

  • The Kenneth Lay center against insider trading.

Milton FreidmanEdit

  • The Milton Freidman Federal Penitentiary (Formerly the New York Stock Exchange).

Grover NorquistEdit

Ted StevensEdit

  • The Ted Stevens High-Speed Rail Line (running from downtown Boise to the Castro in San Francisco).

Jerry FalwellEdit

  • The Jerry Fallwell Institute for the Promotion of Religious Tolerance

Trent LottEdit

Strom ThurmondEdit

  • The Strom Thurmond institute of race relations.

George W. BushEdit

  • The George W. Bush Institute for More Better Grammar.

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