I fear what I don't understand, and I don't understand this.
Be less random and be more truthy--use your gut.

The Reptiloids are a race of reptilian aliens that secretly control the country (at least the Democrat party). The Democrats and their Reptiloid masters have a secret plan to harvest the blood of Americans, make it into wine, and sell it to the Arab nations. Unlike the Republicans who are Insectoids.

The plans of the Reptiloids were first exposed on the Daily Show by reporter and blogger John Hodgman. The Democrats later put Hodgman into cement overshoes and dropped him into a lake for revealing their wicked plan.

The Battle PlanEdit

As expected, the Democrats are trying to appease the Reptiloids. But Bush feels in his gut that America must charge in, guns blazing. Because things are going swimmingly in Iraq and the strain on our great military is minimal, we can fight and defeat the Reptiloids with ease. At the front of this assault will be Stephen Colbert

Colbert has a personal vendetta against the Reptiloids. They were heavily involved in Order 66, the slaughter of Colbert's fellow Jedi Knights. Others who will follow Colbert into this titanic battle of good and evil will be Jack Bauer, Jesus, and Ted Nugent.

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