Despite what you may have heard
Is totally not gay! is a website and service industry that provides "goods and services" to handicapped people like George Rekers.

The website provides pictures of their employees to possible clients so they can carefully choose their selection for specific services. The pictures are wholesome and pure and there is nothing scandalous about it; just some strapping, topless men who would make good bellhops and cameramen (look how big those back-carrying muscles are!).

The are also videos of their staff to demonstrate their prowess in grabbing and yanking things by the handle.

Who Uses Rentboy.comEdit

  • Stephen Colbert and George Rekers recommend their services.


Gay buenos aires

Two members of our staff cleaning the pool while having a good time

  • hauling suitcases to the perfect spot inside your hotel room
  • lifting heavy boxes during your move to that new, secluded beach house
  • pool cleaning
  • Provide a good time for our guests

External TubesEdit

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