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Not the rent you were looking for? is surprised the unwashed rabble like yourself can get onto a computer, oh, wait ... you must be at the public library. Well, la-dee-da after you're done watching porn, you can click here to read about how the poor pay the mortgages for the rich. Suckers.


Rent is the extremely liberal musical about gays and their pursuit to spread aids to everyone.

Cast MembersEdit

Rent only casts Jews, Gays and Communists for their musical talent and love of everything homosexual. Mostly because Americans don't watch musicals, they watch football and eat apple pie.

Future Cast Members


  • Mark Cohen, the Jew filmmaker. Failed in his attempts to make Maureen heterosexual, making him a pussy.
  • Roger Davis, musician with The AIDS. Likes to mope. Rumored to be gay with Mark.
  • Mimi Marquez, the non-white victim of The AIDS.
  • Joanne Jefferson, a gay black lawyer who is dating Maureen. Possibly grew up Republican, but was lured over to the Democrats by Maureen.

The StoryEdit

Rent tells the story of bear loving gays with AIDS. Being an American and a Christian, I have never seen Rent, nor do I plan on it. If you love God and the country that supports you, you will persecute all those that love Rent or look like they might like Rent.

Revivals, Alternate VersionsEdit

gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Rent to the authorities.

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