Mr. Bush practicing for the "Saints"

Reginald "Reggie" Prescott Bush is an American football player for the New Orleans team, the "Saints".

Reggie plays the running back position which he also played in college.


Officials have repeatedly alleged (though not in court) that Mr. Bush received illegal gifts and other compensations which may be against the college athletics ruling body, the NCAA, if substantiated. Although, it seems the officials making the charges only seem to want to do it in the press and not in court.

Not that someone is trying to manipulate what Mr. Bush does or says by holding that threat over his head.

However since he shares a name with the Greatest President Ever, all real Americans are willing to forgive this amazingly rich and talented athlete if he did commmit any crimes.

Playing in New OrleansEdit

Mr. Bush was expected to be chosen as the first player (by the Houston team) in the 2006 draft. In a surprising move, however, the Houston team passed allowing New Orleans to chose Mr. Bush second.

Barbara Bush was believed to say in reaction to the unexpected second-place selection for Mr. Bush,

"I thought those people wanted to stay in Houston? It's just as well, as there are no black people in my family, none"
~ Barbara Bush
Liberals in complete denial of The Greatest President--EVER!'s immediate and heroic rescue of every single person from the Mississippi Gulf Coast — regardless of race or class — have claimed that Reggie is the only man named Bush to have done anything for New Orleans.

Charitable WorkEdit

Mr. Bush has worked closely with certain corporations to provide charity to the city of New Orleans.

Since every city in the Mississippi Gulf Coast has been rebuilt, five more cities had to be built to make room for all the other people who moved to the area.

Also, the choice of corporations that have hitched their wagon to Reggie's star is in no way related to any alleged threats against him.

We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!
We've got spirit, how 'bout
Reggie Bush!?!

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