Red sea
has nothing to do with Dr. Colbert! Fix it, or it will be Dead To Me and Stephen!
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Colbert wag
isure cant figir ot wat this pag sais yuo neds to fixx it.
two be esier too reid so im goin put it on teh notis bored

Please make sure your gut knows how to spell, punctuate, format, and use proper grammar.


This intricate map shows where the Jews loved to surf, and portrays their excitement at "The Time of the Great Surf"(for truthiness only)

The Red sea has received many conjectures on why it was really named the red sea. Some thought it to be an illusion to the history of Charlemagne, when he murdered three thousand on a boat in the middle of the sea and let the blood leak all over.

Another popular belief is that the entire thing was filled with wine, until 5th century AD, when it was all drank by the liberals. Now, it is clear.

The truth is, the red sea is actually purely filled with type AB+ blood and still is to this day. Jesus loved to bathe in this blood-filled water, and drank it everyday to keep his immune system strong and ward off the AIDS. He also created massive waves with his Jesus powers to allow the bagel-lovers to surf there. But no liberals.

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