Rebate - The surge of capitalism. The more products you buy the faster the economy goes. How can you deny something that makes this country great ? You shop online at Stephen's Recommended Online Store or any reseller giant with the comfy blanket of the mail-in Rebate to keep you warm at night.

Buy goods at regular price then learn that the advertised price was only after Rebate. That 500 dollar computer only comes to you after you sign up for the Online Service rebate, the 30 dollar instant rebate , and the 200 dollar mail-in rebate.

The rebate is guaranteed to be at your door in 3 to 6 business years. By then the 200 dollars saved will go to little Johnny's college fund. Your new computer will be obsolete by then, and so will all the electronic items you bought. However think of how much you have fulfilled the dream of the American economy.

It all works out in the end though. As the economy grows, so does the market. After you collect all of your rebates you will have enough for your retirement pension. This will be great since it won't exist after 2012, thank you baby boomer's.

What a Rebate Is Not Edit

  • Rebates are not excuses for large companies to squirrel money away in an interest bearing account for a short but profitable period of time.
  • Rebates are not ingenious ways for companies to either advertise services for customer base or share information with other companies for further marketing purposes.
  • Rebates are not meant to be used in conjunction with each other.
  • Rebates are not meant to allow the seller of any item including an automobile to wash out negative equity of any product returned for credit on the current purchase.

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